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She is Everything

Yes she is a woman,

She is a mother, 

Kept you in her womb bearing lot of pains, 

She is a sister, 

Cared you like a mother,

She is a friend,

Helped you in every situation of life,

She is a wife,

Scarified her dreams and family for you,

She is survivor till the end.

She works day and night, rest less for you,

She cooks, cleans and washes,

She smile, helps, motivates and hides her pain,

She love and cares you endless,

In your hard time she pulls you from it,

She lives with you in every situation

And what do you do?

Beat, complain and creative problems,

Give stress, tension and make her go to in depression,

Abuse, scold and doubt on her purity, 

Push her down and make her life into hell,

You rape her saying it is a kind of pleasure,

You call her bitch, sculpt and tramp,

In the end you say “she is nothing”.

But I say “she is a woman with everything”,

She hides pain and swallows pride for you,

You ignore her and she still cares you,

She forgets all bad things you did,

In return you get love, care, trust and respect. 

She is a joy to watch,

A beauty to feel,

An inspiration to others,

A motivator for us,   

And yes she is everything.

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