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Child Labour

His childhood has been snatched away,

He works hard in factories

Begs on strict

Day and night

To earn money.

His eyes full of tears

Begs “help me out from this hell”

goes unseen.

His painful voices

“Ask for help”

Passes unheard

His heart silently “shouts”.

The age, which was meant to

study and play

Is working now

Like a salve.

The hands were meant to hold

Books and pens

Are holding hammer to cut rocks.

But the eyes still dream

To go to school, to be educated

To get a proper job

To be a successful person.

Now his sunken eyes are

Tired of crying,

Heart is sick of dying

Face lost the charm

The hand lost it softness

Became blister

While making stones from the rock.

He needs our support

To get educated

Just remember

You were a child once too

He deserves a childhood like us.

Let’s raise the voice against child labor,

Let’s unite to end child labor and child trafficking,

Let’s be the voice for the change and new beginning.

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